LA Dragons | Dragons Convincing In First Game

Dragons Convincing In First Game

What a great way to start our Nationals campaign by putting on a dominate display against one of the leagues strongest clubs, OC. Going into the game it was the first time majority of the players had played together, and the first time we had the opportunity to execute our game plan and structures. Working to our strengths, we started strong in the middle and the midfield group were rarely beaten throughout the day. Our defense, lead by Dr.Dre were nothing short of sensation across all four quarters, and only allowing 3 goals the entire game. The game was played in some of the hottest and energy sapping conditions many of the players would’ve played in, so we were very aware to keep the rotations moving, which gave all players the opportunity to play across the ground. Up forward we were lead by a best on ground performance from Jabba (Justin Hall), who booted 5 goals, but set even more up. Our forward line structure worked well, even though we had 15 players rotate through it. With both big men (Sam and Drock) putting on dominating performances in the ruck and then resting down forward, the OC guys couldn’t catch a break. The midfield group, lead by a solid first game for JK (Justin Kenna), who would’ve figured heavily in the votes for his performance across the ground, and he great supporting acts from Radar and Dollar.

In his first game as club captain, the big weapon, Bags lead the team from start to finish demonstrating our non negotiable of 1st Option; talk & effort as a leader should. Special mentions go out to Kimmy (who stepped up and played an outstanding game), Billy, Puke and Will, all of who did what was asked of them.
Unbeknownst to most, but we actually only played our strongest line up for 10mins in the entire game. And with some major inclusions to come into the side in coming weeks, such as Pauly, Dags and Disco, we are in a strong position to achieve our initial goal of Regional Champions this coming weekend.

Message from the Coach:
Firstly, thanks to all the supporters that made the trek out to Riverside. And secondly thanks to my support team who did a brilliant job. It was a great first up win; I threw the side around on purpose to ensure we all understand our structures and game plan. I’m super proud of you all. Now we focus on getting ourselves cherry ripe for Saturday. It will be a tough tournament, but I’m confident that should we follow our structures and game plan, we will come away victories. Our goal is to win EVERY game we play. Well done team, outstanding first up win. I look forward to seeing as many of the Dragons Den in Portland this week as we work towards our goal!

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