LA Dragons | Strong Performances in Opening So Cal Cup

Strong Performances in Opening So Cal Cup

LA Dragons 11.8 (74) def OC Bombers 1.1 (7)
Missing 5 starters from our 18, we were undermanned in some key positions. We had the opportunity to throw the team around a little and test the waters with some new plans. We trained hard throughout the week and the message was very clear that following our non-negotiable and our team structures is a non-negotiable in itself. We did have 2 big inclusions this week, D Rock and Paul Jackson. We also had a special moment with Father-Son combo for John Sr and John Jr having the opportunity to play together. As a club we were so glad the 2 of them shared this experience with a Dragon’s jersey on. After Butch had cleared the Ducks from the field, the game was a very one sided affair. Joe was given the task of stopping their best player, and did an outstanding job, keeping him to less than 5 touches for the game. Leading the team today was Vice Captain Paul Ioakim who once again was simply sensation in the middle. He is a great example to the boys for working hard off the training track in the gym. Alongside Pauly was the other Paul “Jacko” Jackson, who played a brilliant first game for the Dragons and certainly add’s a huge amount of depth in our midfield. The forward, led by Jabba and a player who shall remain nameless capped off all the good work from the backs and mids. Praise goes to the backline who held the OC to 1 goal all game. Simply brilliant cohesion and adhering to our game plan allowed us to drive the ball forward with purpose and always in control. A good start to our SoCal cup campaign.
Best players: Joe Silvio, Paul Ioakim, Rob Descant, Paul Jackson, Justin Hall

LA Dragons 7.9 (51) def SD Lions 1.1 (7)
The day was getting warmer and the boys were feeling it after giving their all in the first match. SD were coming in quick and full of juice, and I knew they had some good midfielders we needed to stop to ensure we took the chocolates. Joe once again went to their best player and frustrated him all day. Held him to less than 10 touches and this caused a ripple effect through the SD side. The first half was a tight affair and we didn’t capitalize up forward by spraying goals. To make matters worse, Captain Paul Ioakim blew his hamstring apart which ruled him out for the next month. Already down 5 experienced players, the Coach had to suit up and offer something apart from motivation and inspiration pre game speeches. The second half was completely different and we dominated the entire ground, once again lead by our solid backline. Tom G and Disco were nothing short of sensation, and are the very reason we were able to run away with the win. Hitchy was finding his feet and firmly placed himself back into the starting line up. Our big boys, D Rock and Sam “The Fisherman” Murphy controlled the ruck all day, and gave our midfielders first crack.
Best players: Tom Grigg, Ryan Hitch, Paul Jackson, Rob Descant & Joe Silvio

A Message From Coach Dogs
Super proud of the entire playing group. It was great to have Vadar play his first game and added some real grunt into our team. We are rotating our team a lot which is great because we are exposing everyone to different positions and getting game time into all our experienced and developing players. It just proves that when we train well, we play well and proves even more that everyone needs to be on the same page in regards to our structures across the field. With more players coming back into the side in the coming weeks, positions are up for grabs – Priority will be given to those that attend training or communicate to me why they cant attend. I’m super happy with the progression the team is making, and even happier with our culture of winning. Success breeds success and we are focused on winning every game we play. After being ranked at #3 nationally, our next goal is to get to #2 leading into the national championship in October. I would also like to thanks all the Dragons Den for their support at game day. If you haven’t signed up to be a supporter member, please do so…also get your family and friends involved. Because of your support we have been able to buy new equipment which we all appreciate.

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