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About the Metro League

What is Metro Footy?

Metro Footy is a modified version of Australian rules football played on smaller fields with fewer players. The reasons for the development of Metro Footy was partly due to there being few grounds large enough for traditional Australian rules matches, but also to allow competitive football to be played with smaller playing numbers. The SCAFL (Southern California Australian Football League) hosts our local metro competition.
Teams typically consist of 10 players per side with an interchange bench. The three Metro clubs listed here combine their players together to form the LA Dragons.
All teams train together and are split based on positions and skill level with the intention of making metro footy as developmental as possible for new players to the game.

Beachside Sharks (Los Angeles Blue)

Los Angeles Blue also known as the Sharks represent Santa Monica / Westside area of LA. They are one of the most successful metro clubs in the SCAFL competition. They've been to the SCAFL Grand Final every year in their existence, winning 3 championships in the process.

South Bay Outlaws (Los Angeles Black)

Los Angeles Black also known as the Outlaws represent the South Bay area of LA. As the newest team in the SCAFL, the Outlaws have quickly become a powerful force this season.

Riverside Football Club

Based in the Inland Empire, the Riverside Football Club is one of the SCAFL's founding teams. With some of the best young players in the league, along with a passionate leadership group, this is definitely a metro club on the rise.