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US AFL Rules of the Game


General Game Rules
The USAFL Executive Board has approved the following rules/laws for all USAFL clubs to adopt during the 2012 USAFL Season and at the 2012 National Tournament.

1) The 50/50 participation rule. The Rule will apply for all divisions at USAFL Nationals:
Clubs are encouraged to use the 50/50 rule in all games during the year but it is not mandatory. Clubs should establish if the rule is to be used prior to playing any game.
The 50/50 participation rule is now changed from “can not play more than 9 Australians on the field” to “no more than 50% of the players on the field for a team can be NON-NATIONALS”.
A “Non-National” player is anyone that is not deemed an American or Canadian.
Nationality ruling to be determined by country of birth on passport.
If you play an Australian, an Irishmen, or a New Zealander for example….all these nationalities are all deemed “Non-Nationals”.
If a player cannot prove “National Status” that player will be deemed a “Non-National”. If you are an American or a Canadian, the onus will be on you to prove that status. If you cannot prove that status you will be deemed a “Non-National”
The Nationals Eligibility Point System for eligibility to play at USAFL Nationals to remains in place for all divisions.
Exemptions can still be applied for via your player registration.

2) Eligibility to play at USAFL Nationals based on players city of residence v’s players previous city (or cities) of residence.
Once you play your first organized inter-city game with a sanctioned USAFL club that is the only club you are deemed to be eligible to play for at Nationals.
A player can play a Metro or intra-club game and this does not bind you to that club for Nationals.
The rule only applies to inter-city games.
Exemptions can still be applied for.

3) Kicking in after a behind is scored
USAFL clubs generally don’t have the capacity to adopt the new AFL rule that allows players to kick the ball back in before the goal umpire waves their flags after a behind is scored.
We are sticking to the old rule where players can not kick in until the flags are waved.

4) Center circle
We will adopt the AFL rule where only the ruckmen can be inside the (2nd) 10 m circle at a center bounce ruck contest

5)Keeping “time on”
USAFL Clubs don’t have the capacity to add time on for stoppages.
Games will continue to be played without “time on”. At nationals, should there be a serious injury (i.e. a stretched or ambulance needs to come onto the field, time will be stopped, under the guidance of the central field umpire.

6) Send Off Rule
If a player receives a Yellow card he or she is sent off for 15 minutes and can be replaced on the field.
If a player receives a Red card he or she is sent off for remainder of that game and cannot return to the field that day. The player will also be subjected to an automatic tribunal appearance. The player may be replaced on the field, but only after 15 minutes of play.